Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Fall is headed our way with cooler temperatures and it is time to get your hot tub spa ready for some patio time!  Call us today for all of your hot tub repair and service needs.  We have over 35 years of dependable hot tub service repair, and we are here for you!  Call us today at (918) 455-1350 and we will have you in hot water soon!  Enjoy!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Get Ready - Get Set - Go! It's Hot Tub Time!

Give us a call today so that we can schedule a Fall Service on your hot tub/spa -- checking it out and getting it ready for Fall weather! We will have you in hot water in no time! Call us today at (918)455-1350.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Your hot tub spas are wonderful to use during the summer and can be very relaxing and enjoyable during those lovely cooler morning and evening hours.  Many of my customer/clients ask me how to enjoy their spas in the summertime when the water temperatures creep up somewhat during those hot summer months. Here is the advise that I give to my customer/clients:  Be sure to set your filter cycles on the spa to come on and cycle on the lowest/smallest filter cycle - this will prevent the heater and components from coming on too often during the hottest months, thus allowing the water temperatures to maintain a level temperature throughout the summer. That's all there is too it!  Simple!  

During the fall/winter months, you do want the filter cycle settings to be set on a higher/larger setting so that these components will come on during the water filtering cycle and maintain the water temps during those colder months. Go have some fun in your hot tub & spas and we wish you and all of our customer/clients a Wonderful Summertime Fun! Enjoy!  

Enjoy your spa and hot tub during the Spring months and remember to call us if you have any issues that need to be checked out.  We are your dependable hot tub and spa service company and are always here when you need us.  We have been in business for over 35 years, and we service all of the Tulsa - Broken Arrow and the surrounding areas in Oklahoma - Call us anytime (918) 455-1350 - Happy Hot Tubbing! Enjoy!  


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Have You Checked Your Hot Tub Filter Yet This Spring?

What is one of the most important and necessary checkpoints to maintaining clean, clear and sparkling healthy water in your Spa or Hot Tub?  Yes, you guessed it, your filtering system - and the key factor to the quality of the water in your spa or hot tub, is regular maintenance that you provide to your spa filter cartridges.

One of the key components to water flow and heater issues can be contributed to the need for maintenance to your filter.  Thoroughly clean filters every 4-6 weeks for best water quality and less issues with your water flow and spa heating components.  A dirty filter can be get clogged while it is doing its job, and eventually become full of debris; thus causing heating issues to arise. Some filters need to be thoroughly rinsed and cleaned every two weeks, if the spa is used heavily, or more than normal. 

Using a garden hose and sprayer, begin spraying a steady stream being certain to thoroughly spray  between each pleat of the filter, while spraying at a downward angle to remove all he dirt, debris and foreign matter from the filter.  Keep a log of when you have replaced a new filter as you will want to replace your filter with a new one at least once a year, and anytime you are changing the water to your spa for maintenance cleaning, make certain to also rinse and thoroughly clean your spa filter as the same time as well.

It is very important to keep your spas water chemistry in good order while scheduling regular maintenance and care to your spa and filter system, as this is key to preventing debris and matter to pass through a damaged filter and make its way to your pump system, causing damage to the pump and creating expensive repairs to your spa. 

Enjoy your spa and hot tub during the Spring months and remember to call us if you have any issues that need to be checked out.  We are your dependable hot tub and spa service company and are always here when you need us.  Call us anytime (918) 455-1350 - Happy Hot Tubbing! Enjoy! 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Hot tub time in the New Year. Call us today to have your hot tub systems checked during the cold months. Remember to check to see that your heater is keeping your water temperature hot to ensure that your hot tub will not freeze during the winter freezing temperatures. If you see that your spa is not heating or working properly, give us a call so that we may schedule a service call for you right away in order to keep your hot tub and spa in excellent working condition.  We are your honest and dependable spa service and hot tub repair company. Call us today at (918)455-1350.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Colder Weather is Here!

It is that time of year when we need to inspect our spas for the upcoming freezing temperatures that can lead to water lines breaking causing damage to our hot tubs.  Call us today to help check out your spa and have it ready for winter use.  Even when the spa water has been emptied, water can still remain in the spas plumbing lines and when the temps get down below freezing, severe spa damage can occur; as freezing temperatures cause line breakage.  We are your dependable and honest spa repair service and are here for you to help keep those spas in great working condition.  We can help you also to know how to take care of your spa during the winter months.  Call us today at (918)455-1350 -   We service all of the Tulsa County area in Oklahoma, and we are here when you need us.  Happy Hot Tubbing.  Call us anytime !!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bill's Spa Service (918)455-1350

It's time to take off the cover of the hot tub and get it ready for the Fall season.  Call us today at Bill's Spa Service (918)455-1350 - we are ready to help all of our friends across Tulsa Oklahoma get their hot tubs ready for the upcoming cooler weather.  Remember to check out your water chemistry supplies too to make certain that you have what you need to get started.  Call us today if you need help deciding on what to use in your spa to keep the water chemistry in excellent shape.  We have more than 30 years experience in the Tulsa Oklahoma area.  Call Bill at (918)455-1350 for your dependable and honest hot tub repair or spa service.  We are here for you anytime so give us a call.